Here is everyone's favorite, the litters page! All have the possibilty of hexed/inbred lineage unless otherwise stated. If you don't see anything you like, feel free to request a litter! Newest ones are at the bottom.


&1. First come, first serve for any pet without an "*".
&2. Anything not marked with an "*" requires a small why or a trade. You must fill out the old fashioned form, and email it to me.
&3. If no longer wanted, please return, or MPA. No AAC/PA please.
&4. Please keep "Bunnyballet" in the showname.
&5. Feel free to trim file, or change gender/eyelids/name.
&6. You may apply for 2 pets at a time and one per litter, per update via the cbox. If you'd like any additionals during that period, please fill out the regular form, and include a why or trade.
&7. If you use the traditional form at the bottom, make the subject of your email, "Adoption Form: PETZ NAME".


Please leave the petz name(s), and your email in the cbox. If you'd like to use the standard form, it is below as well :D


&1. Your Name/ Email:
&1. URL/Forum Name:
&1. Pet(s):
&1. Why/trade:

Send it!

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